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Why Financial Planning and Why VRIDHI

VRIDHI Money Managers Financial Planning Process

Thanks for landing on this page to find out if you and your family requires Financial Planning and why should you choose Vridhi Money as your Family Financial Planner and Money Manager. We assume you already know the meaning of Financial Planning, in case you are not sure, please visit this page: Meaning of Financial Planning and read the contents carefully. We believe you should be fully aware of the concepts so that when you move forward, you can proceed with full throttle.

Let’s Bust few Myths about Financial Planning

We at Vridhi Money are active in Financial Planning since the year 2008. During this period, we have come across various myths which people carry and as a result, avoid securing their families future. Many a time, these myths are used as an excuse not to approach a Certified Financial Planner. Let’s visit them:

  1. Financial Planning for Rich & Financial Planning is for those Not Rich: You read them right! People give both these excuses. Financial Planning is a must for every human, wealthy or not affluent does not matter. Better not to fool ourselves. Have you not seen a Rich losing all his money? Have you not seen a poor making it big in life? Everything is possible. There are many businessmen, celebrities and famous people who declared themselves bankrupt despite earning six-figure monthly income.
  2. I will Invest as, and when I have money, Goals will automatically be taken care off: Financial Planning focusses on Goal-Based Planning since it gives you the road map on where you are now, where you will reach and how will you reach. Don’t think that luck favours those who shoot in the dark.
  3. I have already started Investing: This is one big mistake most of us commit. We end up confusing Investing with Financial Planning. Investing is a part of Financial Planning.
  4. My brother has already done Financial Planning; I can follow things mentioned in his plan: Assume two brothers are identical twins. Meaning their date of birth, how they look, their height and weight, everything matches. Now answer to yourself, will their tastes also match? Will they both like the same food? Will their though process match? A BIG NO. We know you understood!
  5. I don’t have money right now: Financial Planning is not about having the right amount of money to start. Financial Planning is about allocating your present and future resources appropriately. If you keep waiting for the right amount, it will be forever.
VRIDHI Money Managers Financial Planning Process

VRIDHI means Growth and Prosperity.

Only a well defined process and discipline can help you attain the maximum possible VRIDHI in your life.

Do you need Financial Planning?

Every Human Being Needs Planning since it will:

  • Give you a sense of direction in life.
  • The plan gets customized as per your needs and goals.
  • You will have peace of mind and more time to be spent with your family.
  • Feel secured since you have the backups in case of eventualities.
  • Understand what you are doing and why.

You urgently need Financial Planning if:

  • You don’t have control over yourself and take hasty decisions only to regret later.
  • At the end of every month, you wonder where did all the money go.
  • You have made several investments and don’t know their status and how will they help you.
  • Your salary gets credited and the whole thing vanishes towards EMI payments.
  • You are paying Insurance premiums for several policies.
  • Time is a constraint for you, you are too busy.
  • You have multiple advisors and your existing advisor deals with one product only.
  • There is a feeling inside you that something is wrong and you are not able to express it out.

Why VRIDHI for your Financial Planning

VRIDHI Money Managers is headed by Vivek Karwa, who is a Certified Financial PlannerCM himself. He is among the first list of candidates who passed the CFP exam in Chennai. The certification started getting full acceptance in India from the year 2008-09. Vivek Karwa is in the Financial Services Industry since the year 2002 hence carrying immense experience. He also trains CFP students at all the institutes since the year 2008. You will unquestionably believe us when we say: training students for a competitive exam is tougher than passing the exam! VRIDHI will be most pleased to be your Financial Planner.

VRIDHI Money Financial Planning Process by FPSB

Our Interest is in Your Interest.

This is our Mantra at VRIDHI. We believe that we can grow only when you as our client grow. Hence we will do each and everything which ensures your success with Money.

We follow the entire process laid down by FPSB to help your Financial Plan succeed.

Our % is in Your %

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