About Vivek Karwa

We at VRIDHI Money Managers are privileged to have Mr Vivek Karwa as our CEO. A company in Money Managing and Personal Finance industry requires an experienced person who can guide the whole teamwork in the client’s interest. Mr Vivek Karwa is in the Financial Services business since the year 2002, which gives him and us a robust experienced-based work environment where we can handle all situations and requirements a client may come across.

Vivek Karwa VRIDHI Money Managers

Vivek Karwa is a well-known personality in the Financial Services Industry. He is a practising Certified Financial PlannerCM, a Techno-Fundamental Analyst and an Investment Adviser. He is in the industry since 2002 and has seen all the possible ups and downs in the sector.

He is a B.Com Graduate, M.B.A in Marketing and a CFPCM with highest ‘Grade-A’ certification granted by the Financial Planning Standards Board. He is also an AMFI certified Mutual Funds Adviser and IRDA Certified Insurance Advisor.

Vivek Karwa is expert in Financial Planning and has advised and drafted plans for the Retail, Middle Class, High Net-worth Individuals, Special Groups, Celebrities, Professional Groups, Companies and Trusts. The clients include Indians living across the country and across the world who invests in India through VRIDHI Money Managers.

Current Activities of Vivek Karwa, CFPCM

  • Heading VRIDHI Money Managers.
  • Vivek Karwa appears regularly on various English, Hindi and Tamil Television Channels in their programs and debates on Financial Sector, Economy and the Share Market.
  • He contributes articles and opinions to various print magazines, newspapers and internet magazines.
  • He is a guest faculty and speaker at various colleges and institutes.
  • Vivek Karwa is an empanelled trainer for different Companies, Mutual Fund Companies and the Stock Exchanges in India, BSE and NSE.
  • Vivek Karwa is the President at IFPA – Independent Financial Professionals’ Association 2019-21
  • Chairman of Expert Committee on ‘Investment, Capital Markets & Insurance’ at the prestigious Hindustan Chamber of Commerce 2020-21
  • Councilmember at Hindustan Chamber of Commerce 2020-21

Past Activities

  • He is a Council Member of Hindustan Chamber of Commerce for many years.
  • Secretary of Tamil Nadu Financial Planners Association 2009-11
  • Member of Tamil Nadu Traffic Wardens’ Organisation since 2001, Served as Duty Planning Officer for more than four years.
  • Management Committee Member of SEBI Registered Tamil Nadu Investors’ Association from Jul’2009 – Dec’2011.
  • Vice-President of IFPA 2017-19
  • Sales consultant at Financial Planning Standards Board till 2011.
  • Secretary of M-Circle 2019-20


  • Internet and Social Media
  • A keen watcher of public life and politics
  • A part-time actor. You can watch him on TV Serials and Movies.
  • A vivid traveller, so passionate that writes on FlyWalkSwim

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